Bermont Today.

Bermont today:
A center of Johannic remembrance.

After several years of oblivion, the hermitage of Bermont has come back to life thanks to the association "Notre-Dame de Bermont", founded December 8, 1992, in Domremy.  An accord with the bishopric of Saint-Die has made the association the proprietor of Bermont.  Since then, the benefactors have undertaken the restoration of the
site which was only classified in the
Supplemental Inventory after December 11, 1998.  These labours, which are not yet terminated, consist essentially in replastering the interior and the exterior of the chapel, redoing the ceiling of the vault, and putting in new stained-glass windows.  This year it is the ground-level of the chapel which will have to be restored, and a hall arranged as a small museum.

Today, Bermont remains a living place.  The chapel is, before all else, a marial sanctuary.  The devotion to Notre-Dame de Bermont is, at present, relocated, and is expressed in the basilica of the Bois Chenu where the statue of the Virgin Mary has been transferred for reasons of security---it is thereby left no less alive.  Thus, a mass in honor of Notre-Dame de Bermont was celebrated in the parochial church of Domremy Sunday October 3, 1999.  The chapel itself remains the object of a pilgrimage which takes place the second Sunday of August (the last took place August 13, 2000).

The religious animation of the hermitage is assured by the association "Notre-Dame de Bermont", in consideration of the accord passed in 1993 with the bishopric of Saint-Die, forseeing that the activities of
the association would be done "with regard to the character of the
places charged with religious history especially marked by devotion to the holy Virgin, by saint Jeanne d'Arc, and moreover by the pilgrimages that have unfolded there."  The spiritual direction is returning to the Sacerdotal Fraternity of St Peter (a congregation founded July 18, 1988, by ten priests of the Sacerdotal Fraternity of St Pius X refusing the episcopal consecrations conferred by Mgr Mr Lefebvre June 30, 1988, and benefiting by the
motu proprio Ecclesia
Dei adflicta,
that is to say being able to celebrate the tridentine mass.)  Every other year, this latter organizes a pilgrimage to Bermont, even as [it does] the quarterly evening prayer vigils.

"Today, Bermont remains a living place.  The chapel is, before all else, a marial sanctuary…"

Notre-Dame de Bermont, before which Jeanne once prayed.  Statue is now in the crypt of the Basilica du Bois Chenu on the opposite side of Domremy.  Photograph circa 1905 from Mgr. Henri Debout's treatise.