Today,  the Association Notre-Dame de Bermont continues the restoration of Jehanne's favorite haunt.

Very quickly, the "Friends of Jeanne d'Arc" at this time graciously placed at the disposition of the work of the "Ray of Sunlight", the entire property of Bermont in order to receive, at the time of the holidays, colonies of young girls from the parisian region.

The "Ray of Sunlight" was relieved by the parish of the Cathedral of Saint-Die which made of Bermont its site of holiday colonies, before legislation demands more strictness in the organization of [such] holiday works.

These latter ceased towards 1980 and the association "The Friends of Jeanne d'Arc" fell asleep.  The Bishopric had to countenance the most urgent labours.  Finally, the Diocesan Association of Saint-Die
became the legal proprietor, and afterwards entrusted the management and rehabilitation of the property of Bermont to an association N.D. de Bermont which today still continues the restoration.

The greyed text is drawn from a pamphlet of the chanoine MICHEL on Bermont, and from a conference of Mr. Jacques DELIVRE, child of Greux.  The commentaries on the paintings are drawn from the conclusions of the brothers HOLLARD and have been reviewed by them.  The photos, taken by Mr. Bernaud PRUDHOMME of Nancy, are the property of "the Association Notre-Dame de Bermont Saint Jeanne de Arc", the president of which is Mr. Alain OLIVIER
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Notre-Dame de Bermont, before which Jeanne once prayed.  Statue is now in the crypt of the Basilica du Bois Chenu on the opposite side of Domremy.