Jeanne d'Arc oft times betook herself to the forest chapel...

Another certainty: Jeanne d'Arc 1412-1431 betook herself practically every saturday to N.D. de Bermont, often alone, sometimes accompanied by her sister or some childhood friends from Domremy and Greux, in order to pray to the Virgin there, the statue of which, still existing, is found in the crypt of the Basilica of Domremy.

In 1430, while Jeanne was still detained within the prisons of Rouen, an inquiry was made at Domremy and Greux, concerning its subject, upon order of the King of England.  The conclusion of the bailiff of Chaumont:
"The inquiries gathered by us, according to the inhabitants of Greux and Domremy, result only in evidence that Jeanne
was of good life and morals, frequenting church and going regularly to Notre-Dame de Bermont"
. In the rehabilitation trial, in 1456, twelve witnesses chosen from amongst honorable families of Domremy and Greux
attested to her pilgrimages to Bermont.  Did Jeanne come to know of her vocation at Bermont?  Not one document allows one to vouch in a certain manner to this question.

In the course of the following centuries, Bermont remained a very frequented place of devotion.  They came there from diverse countries, in procession, to have recourse to the protection of Saint-Thiebaut, when a great drought or continual rains came to
hinder the fruits of the earth from growing and ripening.  One of the last processions that was made to Saint-Thiebaut at Bermont took place in 1806.

Large tree on the grounds behind the chapel ---reminiscent, perhaps, of the Fairy Tree.  Photo courtesy Roger Brisson.